Evolving Perspectives on Business: Jaroslav Kaplan & Business Intellect’s Vision for Entrepreneurs

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Evolving Perspectives on Business: Jaroslav Kaplan & Business Intellect’s Vision for Entrepreneurs

Written In partnership with Amir Bakian, October 31, 2023
More and more, we’re seeing traditional approaches to business fail. Now many business owners and entrepreneurs are left running in circles in search of a new way for their business to excel further. Jaroslav Kaplan, the founder of the Kaplan Research Company and the project Business Intellect, has brought us a new perspective to transform views on the business world.

Jaroslav has worked tirelessly to present and identify a critical disconnect between conventional business practices and the rapidly evolving market landscape, a realization that became the catalyst for the foundation of Business Intellect. This project isn’t just a business consultancy; it’s a revolutionary approach that challenges established norms, urging entrepreneurs and business leaders to rethink their strategies.

Jaroslav Kaplan’s Vision: Business Incognita

Jaroslav Kaplan recognized a paradigm shift essential for modern entrepreneurship. Witnessing traditional mindsets falter, he advocated for a profound change in entrepreneurial thinking, understanding that altering our actions starts with transforming our thoughts. Jaroslav’s philosophy revolves around the principle that effective entrepreneurship transcends conventional business management, something he emphasizes in his book Business Incognita: how to expand the boundaries of entrepreneurial thinking. It requires understanding the deeper layers of market dynamics and human behavior .

His observations and research, grounded in the turmoil and transitions of contemporary business practices, revealed a disconnection between outdated methodologies and emerging market realities. Yaroslav’s vision is not merely about surviving the current business climate but evolving with it, fostering a resilient, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial spirit.

Within his book Business Incognita:how to expand the boundaries of entrepreneurial thinkingo, Jaroslav goes further in-depth to explain and show his perspective with factual data to back it up. Rather than present people with a simple command of “do this…, do that…,” he gives readers the tools and information to see this new perspective for themselves.

Core Concepts and Methodology

In the framework of the project Business Intellect, Jaroslav Kaplan introduces a shift from conventional business wisdom, emphasizing that “entrepreneurial thinking goes beyond mere management strategies; it delves into the chaos of the market, seeking patterns where others see randomness” —an entry from Jaroslav in his book Business Incognita: how to expand the boundaries of entrepreneurial thinking.

This philosophy challenges traditional doctrines which, as Yaroslav notes, treat the market as a static entity, failing to recognize its fluid and often unpredictable nature.

Drawing upon contemporary phenomena, Jaroslav Kaplan points out that “the global economy isn’t suffering from a temporary disruption, but rather undergoing a metamorphosis that redefines the very core of how value is perceived and created.” He argues that clinging to the relics of past economic structures is useless, asserting that “businesses anchored in the past will find themselves adrift in this new sea of economic realities.”

Jaroslav’s perspective throughout his book is about embracing this chaos, not as a threat, but as an opportunity. “The ‘economic tsunamis’ we face,” he writes, “aren’t just obstacles but are catalysts for innovation, demanding a renaissance in entrepreneurship.” He suggests that businesses can no longer afford the luxury of a reactive stance and instead must adopt a proactive, almost clairvoyant approach to anticipate and leverage impending disruptions.

“The market,” Jaroslav writes, “is a beast that shapeshifts, revealing new faces and demanding new strategies for engagement. Those who learn to dance with this beast—understanding its rhythms and predicting its movements—will thrive in the tumult, while others stumble and fall.”

By weaving in real-world scenarios and future projections, Business Incognito doesn’t just teach business; it instills a entrepreneurial mindset. Jaroslav’s approach prepares entrepreneurs to dissect market complexities, anticipate industry revolutions, and courageously deconstruct obsolete models. In his words, “We’re not just building businesses; we’re crafting rafts capable of navigating the wild rivers of economic change.”

Business Intellect’s Response to Global Changes

Business Intellect is a project founded by Jaroslav Kaplan, aiming to update the entrepreneurial mindset for the complexities of the modern market. Rather than following standard business consulting practices, Jaroslav’s approach with Business Intellect focuses on teaching entrepreneurs to navigate the uncertainties of today’s economy. He promotes a way of thinking that embraces quick adaptation to change, continuous innovation, and a deeper understanding of market trends.

The company stands out due to its rejection of one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, it encourages business professionals to develop their strategic thinking, adapt to evolving circumstances. Business Intellect aims for informed decision-making, taking calculated risks, and being prepared for various economic scenarios, acknowledging the challenges presented by the global market’s unpredictable nature.

Impact and Practical Solutions: A Brief Look at Jaroslav’s Strategies

The ideas of Business Intellect and those written in Business Incognita: how to expand the boundaries of entrepreneurial thinking have found concrete applications in today’s fluctuating business environment, offering fresh avenues for companies to adapt and thrive. For instance, Jaroslav Kaplan emphasizes the importance of ‘Value Innovation,’ a concept highlighted in the company’s focus.

Unlike traditional competitive strategies, this approach suggests creating new market space, making the competition irrelevant.

Furthermore, Jaroslav’s idea of ‘Crisis Management and Adaptation’ proved pivotal for many businesses during economic downturns. By embracing strategies like ‘resource-leveraging’ and ‘rapid realignment,’ companies could navigate through financial crises, minimizing losses, and capitalizing on hidden opportunities. For example, one enterprise shifted its operational model to remote frameworks during a disruptive period, maintaining, and even increasing its market presence despite the industry’s overall decline.

These real-world applications underscore the practicality and effectiveness of Business Intellect’s strategies within Business Incognita: how to expand the boundaries of entrepreneurial thinking, marking significant successes for various businesses in dynamic market conditions.


For entrepreneurs and other business owners struggling to find a footing in the dark waters of the business world, Jaroslav Kaplan offers a new perspective and understanding that can lead to success. Jaroslav’s work is something anyone within the business world should consider.

By bridging the gap between traditional methodologies and the demands of the current economic climate, Business Intellect, and Business Incognita:how to expand the boundaries of entrepreneurial thinking are at the forefront of guiding ventures away from the obstacles of stagnation and, instead, towards new horizons of success and growth.